The Stationary Groove: Toronto Subway Playlist Project

MAP  created a playlist for each  subway station in Toronto by asking subway riders at each stop what they had playing on their headphones. Scroll over the stations to see the playlists and click the station dots to sample or download the playlists at itunes. You can also add a tune here, or find out more about the project here. The map below is the first pass of the subway. Riders are sending in their songs at a prodigious rate, though. You can see the first updated list by clicking here. It’s from Finch Station.

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Click here to view Stationary Groove as a list.

What is The Stationary Groove: Toronto Subway Playlist Project?

Where are you? What are you listening to?

A few songs were not in the itunes store. For YouTube links to that music follow @MAPpodcasting on twitter or facebook.

Many thanks to all the subway riders who contributed to this map, to database maestro François Villeneuve (@francois_v),  the 2main crew for helping with K-pop song titles, and Tod Maffin for general awesomeness. For more about The Stationary Groove, click here.


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